We are d-fragment.it, we provide our clients with creative solutions to reach to customers, get noticed and make sure they look good. As a creative design duo we offer unique and bespoke design in a range of outputs including web, print, branding and packaging. Our philosophy is to break down ideas, problems, imagery, research. To look at all those parts and arrange them, to "d-gragment" the parts together to create the solution to our clients design needs.



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Our Latest projects

Energy Fruits

A pitch to redesign the packaging of New Yorks Energy Fruits puree drink

Dish Dish Love

A character branding for a Chinese online snack shop

Opening Ceremony

Designing the appearence of the international school at Dalian Polytehnic University (China) sports Day to give the international and creative school impact.


A refreshing a modern website design for ArtISO a french housing company.


Our own creative development of new and experimental imagery trialing mobile technologies.

Dalian Photo-Essay

Research into the medium of book design and web design to convery the everyday stories of Dalian China.

Our team

Daniel Hobson

Senior Designer & Partner

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Olivier Blanc

Art Director & Partner

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